Supreme Supports Ugandan Skateboarding Scene with Donation of Latest Deck Designs

New York-based streetwear giant Supreme has made a significant contribution to the Ugandan skateboarding scene by donating their latest deck designs to the Uganda Skateboard Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting skateboarding in Uganda and African continent. The Uganda Skateboard Society has been working tirelessly to popularize and promote skateboarding among Ugandan youth, providing […]

Uganda And Madagascar Skateboarders Team Up For A UGAMADAR SK8 Brigade Team At The First Ever Phygital Skateboarding Competition In Kazan

In a groundbreaking moment for skateboarding enthusiasts worldwide, the first-ever Phygital Skateboarding Championship took place in Kazan, Russia, from February 21st to March 3rd. Among the team which participated, the UGAMADAR Sk8 Brigade, representing the vibrant skateboarding community with in both Uganda and Madagascar, made waves as they embraced this innovative fusion of physical and […]

Dime MTL: A Skateboarding Brand Making a Difference In The Ugandan Skate Scene

Montreal-based skateboarding brand Dime MTL has taken a step beyond to make a meaningful impact on the Ugandan skate scene. In a heartwarming initiative, Dime MTL recently donated a generous assortment of skateboarding gear to support the skateboarding community in Uganda. Gose Gerald, the founder of the Uganda Skateboard Society, received this huge package from […]

Dope Games Uganda Skateboarding Championship Unleashes Thrills Despite Rainy Challenge

On the 13th of January, adrenaline and excitement filled the air as Uganda played host to the Dope Games Skateboarding Championship. The event, organized by Uganda Skateboard Society in partnership Dope Games, took place at Mukono skatepark, with the thrill of skateboarding enthusiasts pushing the limits despite the challenging weather conditions that saw heavy rainfall […]

Calvin Triumphs as Uganda’s Skater Of The Year

The Uganda Skateboard Society, dedicated to fostering local talent and cultivating a thriving skateboarding community, recently crowned Calvin as the Uganda Skater of the Year in a ceremony that celebrated the spirit of grassroots support. Unlike traditional awards based on judges’ decisions, this prestigious accolade was determined by public vote through the Uganda Skateboard Society’s […]

Uganda Skateboard Society Celebrates the Nation’s Skateboarding Talent (Uganda Skater Of The Year Award)

In a thrilling celebration of Uganda’s skateboarding culture, the Uganda Skateboard Society proudly presents the Uganda Skater of the Year Award 2023, this prestigious event recognizes and honors outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to the vibrant skateboarding community in the country. The nominees for this year’s coveted award include five exceptionally talented skaters: […]

Uganda Park Skateboarder’s Debut At OSTIA Rome – Their First Olympics Qualifications

Ugandan park skateboarders who qualified at the national level to represent Uganda at the Olympics finally joined the world skateboarding tour In spite of Rashid’s injury during day one of practice, the Ugandan park athletes managed to compete and score points, placing them on a world park skateboarding ranking alongside the rest of the world’s […]

Gose Gerald Appointed As Uganda’s National Skateboarding Coach In The Olympics

┬áThe Uganda Skating Federation(USF) announced Gose Gerald as the first Uganda’s national skateboarding in the Olympics team coach. President Ddungu Moses made this announcement before the team headed to compete in the previous world street and park skating championships that happened in Sharja UAE, which are also qualification criteria for the 2024 Olympics. “When I […]

Ugandan Skateboarders Compete In World Skateboarding Street Championship In Dubai

Two months ago, the Uganda Skateboard Society, in partnership with the Uganda Skating Federation, organized the national park and street Olympic qualifiers. The best skaters were invited to represent the country in all of the upcoming world skateboarding tours, which will qualify them for the 2024 Olympics to be held in France. However, the team […]